Friday 26 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 4

More sticker packs!

Pack 26:
To start, here's the foil sticker from the most recent Super Bowl for this album, and it is joined by the game's MVP and a fellow HOF receiver.

Pack 27:
The Noga who wasn't referenced in a riff during Mitchell.

Pack 28:
A HOFer and another Bills sticker.

Pack 29:
One of the more fun names to say in NFL history, and my favourite design of the Seahawks logo.

Pack 30:
When in doubt, scan the foil sticker.

Pack 31:
Dolphins hot pack!

Pack 32:
Most of the photos in this set are cropped so closely to feature only the subject. So, this one that shows Rathman slips past some anonymous Cardinals.

Pack 33:
Chargers hot pack!

Pack 34:
A Bills sticker! Even better that it is of one of the two 2/14 babies in this set.

Pack 35:
Things get kinda interesting in a collation sense as this bunch of stickers wraps up, especially coming off a 49ers SB victory. The first of the final 3 contained their logo.

Pack 36:
Their QB, and the product's cover boy in the second of them. It is strange to hit the magical 36 pack plateau, and still be barely 1/3 through the box.

Pack 37:
An action shot of the game-winning TD in the last pack.

And there you have the highlights from a dozen packages.

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