Sunday 28 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 6

Another dozen packs!

Pack 50:
Since this is a milestone pack, I'll show off all the stickers here. Not too much of note, but if I had to pick a highlight, it would be the guy named Scholtz. The Gentry photo with the opponent's futile tackle attempt is pretty good too.

Pack 51:
Kicker sticker! Poetry!

Pack 52:
Not only did I land a Bills sticker, but this Shane Conlan makes the Bills the third completed team in the album.

Pack 53:
A great name in this pack with the two-last-named O'Brien Alston. I also kinda like the photo on Pitts, with the photo not cropped as closely as on most, allowing one to see some of the stadium/sideline behind him.

Pack 54:
A trio of Vikings stickers definitely makes this one a hot pack for them.

Pack 55:
I love this compact photo. After the recent post of Karl Mecklenburg, the Broncos linebackers had themselves some really nice looking stuff in this set.

Pack 56:
The second half of the puzzle sticker of which I pulled back in Pack #14. Kicker love as well for the pride of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Pack 57:
Even though he only spent a few seasons with the Bills compared to other teams, I still find it odd to see Lofton in any other uniform but Buffalo's.

Pack 58:
When in doubt, scan the foil sticker. Even with that provision, the Eagles logo sticker does look really nice.

Pack 59:
Not just a kicker sticker, but a barefoot kicker sticker.

Pack 60:
This man has no neck.

Pack 61:
Football needs more guys named Vestee.

And there you have another dozen packs.

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  1. I've never heard of another person named "Vestee."