Thursday 18 May 2017

Look what I found!

About a month ago, I came across a 1989 Panini Baseball sticker album that was about 90 percent complete. Shortly thereafter, I came across this:
The only problem was this was only about 25-30 percent done, so I thought up a solution better than adding to my wantlist:
Howzabout a 100 pack box? At 6 stickers per pack, and collation likely being as bad as I remembered, I probably still won't finish the album, but should at least get well into the 90 percent range. I'll start with 7 packs.

Pack 1:
Each pack contained a foil sticker and 5 regular paper ones. The foil is either a team logo, a helmet or a Super Bowl history. If I use the 'first card out will tell me how much I enjoy the set' rule, seeing the old Bucs logo as the first bodes well. The Rice sticker is his Super Bowl MVP one.

Pack 2:
There's the helmet sticker. A variety here in terms of types as well. The Walker is a stat leader sticker, the game photo highlights the first TD in SB 23 and Singletary is an All-Pro. And a Bills one! WOO-HOO!

Pack 3:
One thing I did notice is that the teams seem to bunch together in packs. Hence a pack that is half-Cleveland Browns.

Pack 4:
Shane Conlan with a hockey-esque missing tooth? That's how you make a Bills sticker even better!

Pack 5:
And I get a dupe before I'm even 5 packs in. The one good thing is that the collation is such that the stickers really aren't grouped in a specific order, meaning that just because you get one, you don't get a pack of the exact same ones.

Pack 6:
And there's another dupe. I didn't think Too Tall Jones was still active in 1989.

Pack 7:
And here's the final pack of this portion of the break. While I don't think I'll be showing every sticker in every pack the rest of the way home, rest assured that the sticker of someone named Garin whose last name is not Cecchini will always be highlighted.


  1. Good start. I'm digging those Patriots.

  2. Panini/Topps Baseball/Football sticker albums rank right up there with 1977 Topps Star Wars cards as biggest reasons I'm a collector today. Have fun with your album!