Monday 29 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 7

More stickers!

Pack 62:
And it starts off with a dual serving of creamsicles. Ron Hall is also the final sticker to complete the Bucs page.

Pack 63:
Something you'll never see in a current pack of cards/stickers - 2 kickers among only 5 players.

Pack 64:

Pack 65:
Random OL guy!

Pack 66:
Approaching the 2/3 mark with another "when in doubt, scan the foil sticker".

Pack 67:
2.5 stickers of the pack provides the Denver content, but a Super Bowl loss being commemorated kinda cancels out any hot pack status.

Pack 68:
This isn't a "when in doubt" scan, but it is this Miami sticker that finished off their pages.

Pack 69:
A punter!

Pack 70:
Not only a really great photo, but Mark Lee is the last Packers card I needed for that page.

Pack 71:
Another punter sticker, and although it wasn't needed in the album, an extra Bruce Smith is also nice.

Pack 72:
A two-team hot pack, albeit both for completed teams at this stage.

Pack 73:
When in doubt, scan the sticker of a guy named Vann McElroy.

And there you have another dozen packs. This group also finished the Bears portion of the album, but since they were 3 out when it started, it was somewhat unexpected. Thank you Dan Hampton, Mike Singletary and Richard Dent.

I promise. No stickers tomorrow.

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