Sunday 7 May 2017

2017 Spring Expo Recap - Part 2 - Platinum

And the other hobby box I picked up. I had done pretty well last time when I picked up one of their spring redemption hobby boxes, landing a Brodeur patch /5 and a Nugent-Hopkins auto from the redemption pack. I knew I wouldn't be as lucky this time, but still took a shot at it with a box of Platinum. 
What mysteries will be contained within?
I rather doubt I'll be building the base set of this, but do plan to hold on to the base cards just in case I can pick up another box or 2 at a nice price. At least I landed a quartet of Sens in this.
And a pair of 2/14 babies. 
The rookie portion of the set? Not the most impressive bunch in my lot. Jesse here might be the best of the lot. Good, but considering how deep the class is, I'd have hoped to land at least one a little further up the ladder.
Shiny parallels!
Retro parallels!
Ice Blue Traxx parallels!
The numbered parallels were a little strange, at least concerning collation. While I did land 1 Red Prism /199...
there were 2 Seismic Gold parallels /50. Not that I'm complaining...
I also landed another orange parallel from this box, after pulling one in a single pack earlier. There are /25, and seem subdued when set alongside even the regular unnumbered rainbow cards.
 And the autograph. Not the best, but I do like the efficiency he utilizes with having the S apply to both his first and last name. And it is on-card, which was why I opted for this as opposed to Showcase.

But there's still the bonus pack! The fall one had two cards (A midnight parallel /25 and either a victory rookie or an auto), but this has 3 (Either 3 midnights or a 2 midnights and an auto).
And I landed the latter. I really like that Clutterbuck, and the auto isn't too bad. Danault was traded late in 15-16 to the Habs, and seems to have latched on their now, playing a full season for the Habs in 16-17. Sadly, his auto was so much more complete when he was in QMJHL.

So, not an insanely great break like last time, but still enough in terms of coloured parallels and inserts that it wasn't horrific.

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