Wednesday 24 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 3

Mostly, I'm just hitting the per-pack highlight(s) the rest of the way home.

Pack 16:
WOO! Packers won the Super Bowl! Yes. I know it wasn't really the Super Bowl back then. But I'm not skipping a chance to link to that.
Pack 17:
Bills content the highlight here. Wide right notwithstanding.

Pack 18:
Kicker card sticker!

Pack 19:
Chuck Long might be the best name ever for a QB.

Pack 20:
2 photos captured at the moment the ball arrives to the receiver. Interesting enough to be the highlight here.

Pack 21:
Pretty Vikings intensive.

Pack 22:
Some QBs and creamsicle uniforms.

Pack 23:
Cardinals hot pack!

Pack 24:
I don't think there are too many photos in this album that show off any sort of memorial patch (Art Rooney) with an almost close-up. So that's the interesting one here.

Pack 25:
And since I'm now at the 1/4 mark with this box, I might as well scan all the stickers. 3.5 appearances of the old NFC Norris, and a HOF QB. Not bad.

And there you go.

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