Sunday 21 May 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 13

My repack posts have definitely been lagging behind their usual rate this year. Time to get back into it and post another Dollarama two-step. 1 hanger - 1 surprise bag. Starting with the hanger.
2010 Heroes & Prospects - Sergei Bobrovsky - While this is not a mask binder card, it will do just fine as a random addition.
1991 - 7th Inning Sketch - Brent Pope - Random Guelph Storm card for the Storm collector on my trade list = Good pull!
1991 OPC - Russ Courtnall
1992 Parkhurst Emerald - Kelly Kisio
1992 Parkhurst Emerald - Kelly Kisio - Not an error. I really got two of these.
2000 UD Heroes - Henrik Sedin - A set I don't see much of in repacks.
1991 Score - Kevin Todd
1991 OPC - Doug Evans
ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey - Garry Unger - I'll never tire of pulling these cards from repack. Great flashback to a great design.
2008 Collector's Choice Reserve - 3rd (or 2nd, depending on how you look at it) parallel.
1991 OPC - Uwe Krupp
1994 Parkhurst - Owen Nolan - Fleur-de-lis mojo!
1992 Pinnacle - Curtis Leschyshyn
1990 Bowman - Craig Simpson
2011 Certified - Ryan Smyth

A few interesting cards, but a dupe and 3 1991 OPCs dull the pack. Off to the Surprise Bag.

Your contents:
And the contents of those:
Pretty good Score pack. The First Goal of Johansen is nice, but there are two PC cards among the rest. Kitchener Rangers alum Gregory Campbell is nice, but a gold parallel of 2/14 baby Brandon Sutter immediately makes this a better repack experience than the hanger.
The HOFer in question is a rare helmetless photo of Dino. And a guy named Hnat!
A nice one here in the 2000s pack with Nagy. This is from the 2004-05 All World release, which came out in lieu of there being a season.
And another Rangers alum in the 2010s pack with a snowy Boedker. An easy win for the Surprise Bag this time around.

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