Sunday 14 May 2017

2017 Spring Expo Recap - Part 8 - Relics Hunted

And now, the swatch portions of my acquisitions.
Let's start with an addition to my 2/14 collection with a new Marian Gaborik. Of all the relics I have of him with the Wild in my collection, this might be my first yellow one. At least it is a new colour.
With apologies to Jeff @ 2*3 Heroes, I'm keeping this HOF relic for myself. I did pick up something else that will be sent out once the opportunity to fatten the bubbler comes up.
Two relics for the price of one! And it is another HOFer.
I can't tie either of these 2 guys into any of my PCs. But these are two 3-colour patches (there's a hint of blue in the upper left of Anisimov) on a card /20 that I got for $2. I'll take that just for the patch factor.
And to end this, a pair of auto relics that could have gone with my autograph acquisitions or my relic acquisitions, but I just opted for this post since there were fewer cards posted. Here's a couple more $2 hits I grabbed, both of blueliners on an up-and-coming Blue Jackets team. Not bad at all.

The hit parade ends tomorrow!


  1. Forgiven. Now I have to find it for myself.

  2. Great stuff! A dual patch for $2 is a steal.