Monday 15 May 2017

2017 Spring Expo Recap - Part 9 - The Autos

And to wrap up the hit portion of my acquisitions. As usual, you'd have to pay attention to other blogs over the next while to see my other acquisitions.
Every time I come across one of these cards, I still wish that Upper Deck would rip this idea off. Like with the light brown parquet in basketball, hockey just seems perfect for use in this type of auto. And even though it is kinda like a sticker auto, it isn't a sticker auto.
This is a sticker auto, but the only one you'll see in this post. $2 for yet another autograph of a young blueliner is just fine by me.
It is really hard to pass on any autograph out of Classics. I was happy to add this on-card of former enforcer Tony Twist to my binders, but thought I'd already had one of his out of Enforcers. Nope. This is his debut in my collection.
Mask binder auto! Lack attack!
And what better way to end this than on some cheap autographs. 50 cents for these, and they're all players I've heard of! Bonus!

And that's the end of the hit parade. Miscellaneous hockey ends things tomorrow.


  1. "It is really hard to pass on any autograph out of Classics"

    The only sentence that would make more sense than that is "thank god I don't live in the US with that f*cktard of a President". Cuz I will buy any Classics autographs I found for $2. Even a Dead Wing.

  2. 2012-13 Classic autographs might be my favorite hockey autographs of all-time. I'd have to put some thought into it, but even if it's not the cream of the crop... it'd easily be in my top 5. And if you're going to produce sticker autographs, those Scratching the Surface cards are the way to do it. By embedding them into the cards, you can't even tell they're stickers.

  3. Nice Hamilton! And of course Panini Classics autos are always awesome!