Thursday 11 May 2017

2017 Spring Expo Recap - Part 5

Just one pack, but 40 cards in the pack. That's enough for a single post.
Like a lot of the products from late last year, a Dallas Cowboy is on the front of the pack.
First base card out is this. I like the colour on the base, but really wish they'd shifted the name and logos down to get rid of the large white space on the bottom in order for there to be a little more room for the photo.
But the photo choices are somewhat bland and generic running photos, so this action-less photo becomes the most interesting in the batch.
Rookie cards do a small shift for the name portion, and replaces the college logo with the RC logo. The college team's logo should be visible on the back. Qualls went in the 6th round to the Eagles.
Here's the rest of the rookies, when they went and where they went to:

Chad Kelly - 7th Rounder (Mr. Irrelevant!) - Denver
Chad Hansen - 4th Rounder - NY Jets
James Quick - Undrafted - Signed w/ Washington
Samaje Perine - 4th Rounder - Washington
Cam Robinson - 2nd Rounder - Jacksonville
Jabrill Peppers - 1st Rounder - Cleveland (poor guy)
KD Cannon - Undrafted - Invited to Oakland camp
Travis Rudolph - Undrafted - Signed w/ NY Giants
Derek Barnett - 1st Rounder - Philadelphia

From first rounders to undrafted players - an interesting variety. There's a slight chance I might build the set, so I'm going to hold onto these in the meantime.
I didn't land any Bills in the pack, so I picked up their three draft picks among the 100 card rookies. 
Inserts! Nothing too memorable here.
No autograph in the pack, but a couple of low-numbered parallels were the big hits within. While gold cards around Panini products are usually /10, this time they are /50 while the First Down orange parallels are the /10. I guess Panini doesn't have the right to the South Florida Bulls logo, as that has been 'shopped away, and they use the NFL logo on the back. 

And there you have it. Pretty much nothing but hockey the rest of the way home.

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  1. Graham + Peppers = Michigan hot pack! I dunno if I'm gonna build or buy this year's Score or ignore it besides the Michigan rookies, but it looks like it usually does, and that's a plus in my book.