Friday 23 June 2017

Too Many 2/14s!

And now the 2/14 portion of the TMV/M mailer.
Football was definitely the theme this time around, as only a couple slipped outside that portion of the binder. Jim Kelly made 1 appearance, but still added his 70th card to the collection.
Next up, David Garrard got 3 cards to reach 37 total.
Steve McNair on the front. Drew Bledsoe on the back. I can't get enough of cards that feature a pair of 2/14 babies. As has been my policy, this results in a 1 card boost to both their totals.
But that addition of one was just a drop in the bucket to the overall additions to both Bledsoe's and McNair's totals. Even these 20 scanned cards aren't the complete additions, as both got about 15 individual cards each. In the whole bunch, I love getting 3 different gold label Bledsoes, and that Soul of the Game die-cut among the McNairs. For those playing the home game with the Gold Label, the one with the ball being released is Class 1, scrambling is Class 2, and just getting the snap is Class 3.The Sculpted card is actually a preview card.
The rest of the way home, it is time for some 1/1 plates for the collection. The final football card is my first Alshon 1/1, coming from 2016 National Treasures.
Yes. These plates of the relic only cards still count. Why wouldn't they? But it does mean that this isn't a football only post.
And a 3rd plate to end it, with this one being a Brandon Sutter and a perfect card to go alongside the Hejduk to keep it company.

Only a whole bunch of none of the above miscellany left for the 4th and final post covering this bubble envelope.

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