Monday 12 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15.1 - Football Goodies

Flashing back to the Spring Expo, the final item I showed off was this:
It was a $5 box that contained some well loved CFL cards, a bunch of Topps Finest base, some 1991 Pacific sealed packs and some misc. stuff. Time to finally show these off, and I'm leading with the CFL.
Most of the cards were from 1970 OPC, but there were a couple outsiders, such as the 1965 card of Elsby. I love looking at comparing the old logos and uniforms to the current ones on these cards. The Als might have had one of the more basic ones, but it would translate nicely to a helmet for a throwback theme.
A kicker with a card in a 100-ish card set. Wow. That's the second vintage Dave Raimey that I'll be sending to Too Many Manninghams at some point.
If a Blue Bomber OL guy got a card in 1970, I probably got one of them.
The only other non-1970 card was this one in the Tiger-Cats grouping. It is from 1971.
There's something you won't see on current cards - positions for players that played both offensive and defensive positions.
Another thing you won't see again - the position of Flanker listed as opposed to Wide Receiver. Dave Tobey is an Oregon alum that will be sent to Cards on Cards in a future bubbler.
The Lehmann was probably the best example of a card that was well-loved.
And it ends with these 3 Stampeders cards. I love the name Granville Liggins. That just seems like a football name. He was named Lineman of the Year while at Oklahoma, but was likely too short for a career in the NFL. So, he came north to Canada and never left, now living in Ontario.

No content for the green Riders in this box, so that's it for this. The Finest will be up next, followed by the misc stuff with the Pacific packs set aside for when I'm in the mood to bust something. Cheers!


  1. Those CFL cards are really neat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. There is something just soothing about the Eskimos logo. The intertwined "E"s work. But they need to go back to this font. The new font is boring and basic.

  3. What I wouldn't give to come into a $5 box with a bunch of vintage CFL cards...

    Probably not happening in Texas.

  4. sweet deal! Don't often see those cards, usually the early 90s jogo cards.