Thursday 8 June 2017

Late to the Archives Party

Although I did grab the Blue Jays in a case break of the stuff, I hadn't busted any of the stuff yet. Finally, I got a chance to hit the LCS, and included a couple packs of Archives among my packs.

Pack 1:
A base card pack, but an interesting one as it is entirely rookies and retired players. The Herzog is easily my favourite here, since I don't really think of him with the Royals as opposed to their cross-state rivals. The photo on the Stargell is pretty nice as well.

Pack 2:
I'm not showing all the cards here, but these two were the first cards out. Although these are just base cards, but this is some pretty impressive collation. Trout has the #1 position in this set.
And an autograph! Gammons would be probably better served to come from a Ginter set, I'm still liking this as a pretty cool pull. This is the blue parallel, and these are 1:146 packs, numbered /75. My only complaint is that I wish they'd used a photo from 1982 to match the design.

And there you have it. More Archives once the goodie package shows up.


  1. I was thinking about going after a Gammons and Ken Rosenthal auto from the set. Anything is better than Skip Bayless!

  2. Hey - that Gammons is a nice hit in my book.

  3. Yes, I've been eying the Gammons auctions on Ebay. Very nice pull!

  4. Congratulations on pulling the Gammons! Sweet card!