Friday, 2 June 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 9

Time to wrap this box up.

Pack 88:
And I start off with a pack that contains no needs for the binder, but I did land a dupe of Jim Kelly for my 2/14 collection.

Pack 89:
0 for the first pack, but 3 out of 6 are on their way to the binder from this one. The Raiders needs drop from 5 to 4, but this does finish off the Oilers and Bengals.

Pack 90:
Another 0-6 pack, but another Bills dupe for that collection.

Pack 91:
Again, the pack of dupes is followed by one with multiple needs. This wraps up the Lions and the Chargers. That's also the final foil sticker I needed.

Pack 92:
And that's it for the 49ers.

Pack 93:
No needs, so scan the foil sticker.

Pack 94:
The best pack so far for needs, as these drop 4 off the wantlist. Amazingly, none of them complete any of their team pages. But hey, the Nigerian Nightmare! And I got a guy named Pickel!

Pack 95:
No needs, so scan the foil sticker.

Pack 96:
Verdin didn't do it, but here's the final Colts sticker.

Pack 97:
And breaking out the Blades to finish Seattle's team page.

Pack 98:
If I want a Bills dupe, landing one of this toothless beauty might be the one I want.

Pack 99:
No needs, and I can't really do the foil sticker since it would be the second of the Lions logo in this post. So, I'll scan a kicker.

Pack 100:
And for the final pack, I might as well scan everything.

So, after all that, and with an as-advertised 100 packs, I'm still 7 out. A trip to sportlots should finish it, after almost 18 years, next week. WOO-HOO!

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  1. I loved being the Giants on Tecmo Bowl - with Joe Morris as my RB.