Sunday 25 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.2 - But it Isn't Spring!

And now, the blandest (to me) packs of the repack.
Triple Play is what it is. If I have to pick a favourite card, I guess its this, since nothing else really hit one of my PCs.
I busted way too much of 2014 putting together the base set to be overly enthusiastic about that pack. Here's the insert from it.
At least the plethora of inserts in OD would give me some chance to add some cards to that set, of which I busted a box to complete the base set. Alas,I I'd already picked up the complete retro uniform set on my own. But, at least I landed my first Jays card and first Mets card of this.
But at least these were both new. The blue tint actually works pretty nicely with the scoreboard in the background.

Tomorrow, with a pair of 2006 retail Update packs and a 2009 Update Hobby pack, things should be more interesting.

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  1. For years now, the blue Opening Day parallels have been much nicer looking than the standard gold ones from the flagship set.