Thursday 22 June 2017

Redeemed! 1 Becomes 2!

Time once again to open up a redemption envelope from a card company - this time from Topps.
The product may have only been on the shelf for a couple weeks, so it was unexpected to see this turn into this:
so quickly. But here's my first George Bell auto. I love the 1984 design this is from, but only wish he'd been wearing the blues in that photo, since that look didn't debut until years later. But that is picking the nit of a really great addition to my Jays collection.

But wait there's more!
A week and a half from entering the code isn't really a delay, but I'll still take a bonus card.
Amazingly, it is a card for my other team collection. What are the odds? (Rhetorical question) This is my second auto of his, joining a '14 GQ. They will both be freed from their plastic prisons and moved into binders sooner rather than later.

To the picker of said bonus card, I thank you!


  1. That is really cool! I know Topps has tried to get their redemption stuff in order.

    By the way I just sent you a package today!

  2. That is a great looking Bell card.

    1. It is a well done card. George Bell was always a favorite of mine.

  3. Wasn't he still Jorge back then? Hard to tell by signature what he prefers.

  4. Sweet! Wilmer's a big favorite with a lot of Mets fans, me included.

  5. Awesome! Kudos to Topps for taking care of their customers. Gonna need to track down one of these Bells for my collection.