Wednesday 23 November 2016

Fall Expo Post #13 - I Love the 70's (and the 80's)

Back to the dime box again for some oldies but goodies.
Yet another hockey card where the player look like a serial killer. There are way too many of those in 70's sets. And I want all of them in my PC.
This one isn't so much a serial killer look, but more like the last expression on a man's face before Chris Hansen walks into the room and tells someone to take a seat. I hope he enjoys the sweet tea.
Technically, these aren't cards from the 70's or 80's, but Archives versions thereof are just fine for this post.
But these are actual 80's cards. Complete with creeper 'staches. That middle card makes me hungry for donuts for some reason.
And to end, here's not a card, but a sticker. It is out of a 1988 Esso collection. There was an album as well available. Are there 24 more people out there that want to split the cost of these?

And that shortens my miscellaneous Expo box by a bit.


  1. Whoa! A Kansas City Scouts card? That's super cool.

  2. That Esso sticker is awesome. Here's an auction for 9 complete sticker sets on eBay to pair with the case of albums you're interested in: