Wednesday 9 November 2016

Chasing Jamal and Redeemed!

Back to back group break posts, this time a basketball one.

Outside of the Raptors stuff, I had plans to chase cards of Jamal Murray this year. After all, while seeing players from my hometown is common enough in hockey, it is not so common with other sports. so those folks become PC guys. I have a small number of Ryan Braun (the short-term Royals pitcher) cards, and now with Jamal Murray, I have a basketball guy to PC.

I was looking to add an auto and maybe a patch relic of his this season for a simple start to a PC. The chase for the first one of those ended just a few packs into my 2016 season when I came across his auto from a pack of Hoops during a box break. So, that meant I could likely be a little more selective with that I went for.

Therefore, when a mixer was up that included 16-17 Contenders I jumped at the chance to add some of his NCAA Kentucky Wildcat cards to the mix, and maybe get a second auto.
Well, there's some more insert content for my collection. The base cards for rookies in Contenders, as with football, are the rookie autographs. So going 4 for 5 on non-auto'ed inserts is pretty good.
As for the rest of the Denver content, the only other case card from the other boxes was this one from 13-14 Totally Certified.

Sometimes there is a side benefit to a chase, as even if you don't get the card you want, you might get something else that either fits a trade partner's PC, or would at least let you recover some of the cost of the break. For this card, it is the latter:
As although I really like the design on this, I'm probably going to be able to recover the cost of the break by throwing the /10 auto of the Manimal on my COMC account.

But, wait! There's more!

Not only did the Nuggets content from this break show up over the past couple days, but something else involving Canadian NBA talent showed up as well, as this:
turned into this:
The only Wiggins rookie cards I have are his base cards in a set, so it is nice to add an interesting keeper for that.

And there you have it.

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