Saturday 12 November 2016

Fall Expo Post #1 - A 'Mic Drop' kinda box break

Upper Deck had a redemption program at the Expo, with a silver pack containing some combination of a /25 Midnight parallel from S1, a Victory rookie or a Priority Signings auto. It was available with a box purchase of either 2016-17 Series 1 or Artifacts. I went back and forth between the two, but settled on Artifacts. Maybe it is because I love the set build of S1 and S2 and don't want to go through it in one shot.
PCs hit via the base card. A Kitchener Rangers alum and a pair of Senators cards, or a pair of Kitchener Rangers alum and an Ottawa Senators card. Either or.
Getting into the numbered cards portion of the break, here's the veteran content. The Forsberg is the base silver version, while the Roenick is an emerald parallel. The green looks really nice with the slight green portion on the shoulders of the old Coyotes jersey.
Here's the numbered rookies. Nylander is one of several Leafs rookies that are nice to see pop out of a pack this year. The Fasching is the ruby parallel.
And my redemption is for an emerald parallel of a Dallas Stars rookie. The youngest player on the team this year to be making his rookie debut and not have a card is Gemel Smith. I'll guess it is him, but who really knows?
Hit #1. A nice double relic, and since it features Larry Robinson, it will be bound for my Rangers alumni collection.
And one card with a Hall of Famer deserves another. Right? Grant will be bound for the hits portion of my mask binder with these two nice blue swatches.
And the boom of the box. A pair of all-star patches, and there really is no doubt that it came from the same jersey pictured on the photo. I'm yet unsure if I'll be keeping or COMCing this card, as Brodeur makes a lot of appearances in the base card portion of the mask binder, and there is still one more amazing card to come.

But before that, there were a couple bonus packs with the box.
A group of Oilers cards associated with the Heritage Classic held a few weeks back in Winnipeg.
And a very Pavelski filled pack of 2016 Overtime.

And the UD box breaker bonus pack:

Card #1:
Here's one of the Midnight parallels, and perfectly enough, it falls right into my Senators collection. What more could I ask for?
OK. This will do. And easily so. And this is also why I'm waffling between which of the two cards to keep and which to COMC. While it is a sticker-graph it is a pretty nice addition to my collection as well. It is also probably the one I'm more likely to keep from the break, but either one should be able to put a major dent in the box price.

Things downscale a bit the rest of the way home, but I still have a lot to get to between then and now.


  1. Sweet! I'd dump that Nugent-Hopkins and keep the Brodeur all day long.

  2. Oh man, that Brodeur is sweet. I'd honestly keep both but that's just me.