Thursday 3 November 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 41 - An 1800th post repack fest!

Is there any better way for me to celebrate my 1800th post than with some repack love with a trip to the Dollarama for a pair of hanger packs and Surprise Bag?

Starting with the hangers.

2011 Biography of a Season - Stanley Cup Champions - Any time you can add a card featuring the Cup to your collection, you have to go for it. With this card visible, anything else interesting would be a bonus.
1991 7th Inning Sketch - Tony Iob - Dear God! That mullet would bring tears of joy to Jaromir's eyes.
1991 Score - Tom Barrasso
1993 Premier - Dave Christian
2002 Pacific Stock Reserve - Andrew Cassels - I don't recall ever getting anything from this set in a $1 repack.
1994 Pinnacle - Tim Sweeney
1992 Topps - Rob Dimaio
2008 Masterpieces - Gordie Howe - Masterpieces in a repack! AWESOME!
1994 Score - Jyrki Lumme - Determined to oust anything Fleer could offer as the ugliest mid 90's set.
2003 In The Game Action - Stanislav Chistov - Action - Not pictured.
1993 Leaf - Sergei Krivokrasov - Must show back of 1993 Leaf.
1989 Topps - Doug Bodger
1991 Pro Set - Sylvain Turgeon
1990 Bowman - Tony Granato - The instantly recognizable seat paint job of the Met Center.
2010 UD - Tyler Bozak

Already a nice repack with the opening card, it became even better with Iob's spectacular mullet and an appearance of a Masterpieces card. How will the second pack match up?
2015 Overtime - Bobby Ryan - A new Sens card is always a great way to start. Especially when it comes from a distributor set.
1991 7IS - Michael Peca - A relevant player card from his OHL days.
1991 Pro Set - Tony Granato
1992 Parkhurst - Philippe Boucher
1993 UD - Corey Millen
2009 UD - Scott Hartnell
1998 Topps - Tom Barrasso - Back to back repacks with Tom making an appearance.
2006 Ultra - Eric Lindros - A nice celebration shot, and I love that 3 different styles of Leafs jerseys are visible in picture.
1991 OPC - Cam Neely
1991 Score - Ken Priestlay
1991 UD - Fredrik Olausson
1991 Bowman - Andre Racicot - RED LIGHT!
1990 Pro Set - Tom Kurvers
1990 Bowman - Murray Craven
2010 UD - Brian Elliott - OK. This didn't quit reach the level of the first repack, but starting and ending with a Sens card is OK by me.

And finally, the Surprise bag:

Contents within:
I was really pumped to bust the Score, then the cards came out like a brick, and were kinda stuck together.
And there's the highlight (and also showing off a wee bit of peeling on the cards) - a completely forgotten stint of Pat Elynuik with Tampa.
I guess Filip Forsberg is the superstar here, and he also gets an interesting photo. But, as with Krivokrasov...
Must show back of 1993 Leaf.
And the all 80s, no 70s pack. At least that Secord is kinda cool.

I probably should have got two more hanger packs instead. But there you have it!

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  1. I'd have to say that Lindros is my favorite out of that bunch.