Sunday 20 November 2016

Fall Expo Post #10 - Alumni

American collectors can collect professional cards of their local university team/alma mater. Not so much so in Canada, as there are precious few cards of their sports alumni. Maybe in CFL sets but you don't have very many options. But, if you have a local team in the O/W/QMJHL, there's an opportunity for a mini-collection there. And at the Expo, a dime box helped me expand my Kitchener Rangers collection.
I don't really see the Super Action in this photo, but it is still a nice Larry Robinson addition.
Born in Kitchener, and he spent his junior days with the Rangers. Now that's a local kid done well! All 3 of his sons have reached the NHL as well. Family business.
A nice card to commemorate Paul's 1000th assist.
I just grabbed this Paul Coffey to see if Shane over at Shoebox Legends needed it. He didn't, so this one joins the Rangers alum binder.
Robinson. Coffey. MacInnis. That's an impressive trio of blueliners.
And Scott Stevens makes 4.
Jay McKee isn't a Rangers alum yet, as he is currently with the team as their head coach. That still counts for the collection. There are a few more guys that I should get cards for the collection based on their time coaching, Jim Morrison, Rod Seiling and Ron Murphy also have NHL level cards from before their coaching days that will probably show up in my collection post COMC Black Friday.
A Rangers alum and a throwback to one of my favourite designs with 1998 Metal Universe. That's enough to make me overlook the Leafs-ness of this card.
Here's a pair of patriotic Special Edition cards out of 2013 Team Canada.
Because your collection could never have enough gaudiness in it, here's a Contours & Colours of Mikkel Boedker. To be more accurate, it is a Contours and Colours Teal Die-Cut. I guess some of it is teal.
Another pair of cards from the set, this being two blue parallels from 2015-16 Overtime.
Portfolio was such a fun set to look through singles of. This beautiful rinkside photograph lets the Joe Louis Arena co-star in this photo.
More Metal Universe in this post, this one featuring Radek Faksa.
I feel somewhat upset at myself for adding this one, being such a penmanship snob. But the cheapness of the card made up for adding this horrible looking signature to my collection. He's improved it somewhat since then, but even just adding a more distinctive 'R' to the signature is an improvement from that laziness.

And there you have it!

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  1. That is quite a blueline: Robinson, Coffey, Stevens, MacInnis, Reinhart, and Mckee. That'll win you a few cups!

    I've thought about picking up a Faksa RC (besides just the standard UD YG) but his signature is just awful. In fact, hockey players in general seem to be getting lazier with their sigs. Maybe its all the cards they have to sign for UD. :/