Tuesday 8 November 2016

Gold Jays

Not entirely gold, but the content of a group break where I grabbed the Jays.
Here's the base card content. The cards come in three levels, 1 through 3, with the latter being scarcer. Donaldson was the only one for which I completed the 3 level rainbow, and to contrast, I didn't land a single base card of Tulo.
But I did land a red parallel /100 of Troy, so it all comes out in the wash. The auto checklist isn't the deepest, but the Jays did have one for me to chase, and I landed it.
Framed cards can be nasty to store, but that's a problem I like having. I do have a Mets auto of Olerud, so it is nice to have one to match it from his time in Toronto. I think I prefer this one aesthetically, since this has a spot for the autograph to show up, while the Mets one is done with a blue pen over a blue jersey, and it is hard to see.

But there you have some golden Jays.

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