Thursday 10 November 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks - Part 42: Being Prepared

The Expo is just one sleep away, and is time to make sure I have enough bubble envelopes for the aftermath. Although I tell myself I won't be doing that much hunting for others, I just know I won't be able to keep that promise. And since I'm in the Dollarama anyhow, let's grab some cards!

I started with the hangers last time, this time I'll open with the Surprise Bag.

Your contents:
And we're off:
I was hoping that Shane over at Shoebox Legends would need one of those two Whalers. Alas, it was not to be. The Jeff O'Neill is still an interesting photo, as a look at the clear ice and the goaltender in the background indicates it comes from the time in the game where the Zamboni has finished its work, but the period has yet to start.
The UD pack wasn't bad for what it was. #77 (Rod Buskas) seems determined to get a holding penalty. The Jiri Sejba, along with its French parallel, were the only NHL cards of his career. And Brett Hull rocking Cooperalls!
The 1000 pt card is the Gilmour. That's pretty blah of a pack.
But the 6 pack was much better. A Sens card. A Rangers alum. A 1990 Bowman insert instead of your standard base card. And a really nifty Glenn Hall card that I had to look up to find out what set it was from. And your winner was: "1994 Parkhurst 1956-57 Missing Link".

Big improvement over the last one with lots of keepers in this.

And the hangers:

2015 Overtime - Vladimir Tarasenko - Leading off with a product I never had a chance to bust.
1991 Seventh Inning Sketch - Ed Patterson
1996 UD - Jose Theodore - A mask card for my pre-2005 binder.
1992 Ultra - Tom Barrasso
2014 UD S1 Checklist - I see Marian Gaborik lurking on this, but I'm almost certain this is a 2/14 binder dupe.
2003 UD - Marty Turco - With apologies to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, I'm keeping this one for my mask binder.
2007 Ultra - Jose Theodore - It's a Jose Theodore hot (re)pack!
1991 OPC - Myles O'Connor - To make up for the Turco staying with me, this one's heading to Ann Arbor.
1989 OPC - Dave Ganger
2000 OPC - Mark Messier - I haven't seen too many of 2000 OPCs in these repacks to date.
1991 Parkhurst - Kelly Buchberger
1991 Bowman - Mike Modano
1990 Score - Jari Kurri
1990 Bowman Hat Trick - Mario Lemieux - And this Bowman insert appears in back-to-back repacks.
2010 Score - Ed Jovanoski - And the other visible card.

2011 Biography of a Season - Carey Price - Opening up with a mask binder card.
1991 SIS - Brian Purdy - The Brandon Wheat Kings!
1991 Pro Set - Brian Leetch
1992 Topps - Tie Domi
1992 Ultra - Eric Desjardins
2003 ITG - Wade Redden - A Sens card, but a dupe of one I got in a previous hanger pack.
2000 OPC - Sergei Gonchar - And now, these will probably show up in every repack I buy for the next couple months.
2000 UD - Andrew Cassels
1991 OPC - Ottawa Senators - 2 Sens cards, both dupes. Oh well....
1991 Score - Yves Racine
1990 UD - Vincent Riendeau
1996 Score - Dan Quinn
2007 Hot Prospects - Bill Guerin - Bill was far removed from a hot prospect at this time, but this is another set I don't see much of in repack land.
1990 Bowman - Dave Barr
2011 UD - Brian Campbell - Ending with an interesting photo.

And there you have it! Now, let's see if I keep my vow to get more goodies for me than for others tomorrow.


  1. Two Whalers, and Brett Hull in Cooperalls, can't beat that!

  2. Have fun at the show! Wish I could go. I would not mi d trading you for that OPC Senators jersey card. I'm sure I could rustle up some Raptors for you. The Senators team logo is my favorite in all of pro sports.

  3. That Wheat Kings card is "purdy".

    I'll see myself out.

  4. Early 90's Upper Deck hockey rules!