Tuesday 29 November 2016

4 if by Sportlots (*3)

Another familiar topic title here at the blog. Simple explanation is as follows: The costs (esp. for shipping from the US) balloon when the shipment moves from a PWE sized 4 cards to 5. Henceforth, 4 is the best value for me when ordering off that site.
While I'm not ready to automatically proclaim this the greatest photograph in my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection (maybe I should do a list), this should easily qualify as the greatest posed photograph in that collection.
While some of these team checklist cards are pretty well done, this one seems as generic as possible.
Card cost, via sportlots, 18 cents.
Card value, via Roenick's facial expression: Priceless
The lost season of 2004-05 may not have been the best one for hockey card collectors, but there were still some nice photos hiding in the handful of releases from that year.
Staying with hockey to start off the next envelope with my third Kitchener Rangers binder card of the break, with a bonus appearance of Stanley!
Because I didn't have any 1995 Fleer in the collection, here's the first. Muresan does not translate well to this design.
How did I not have this card in my Expos binder already?
And my second envelope wraps up with a set completer.
And this is an envelope with 3 cards to finish off my 16-17 Hoops set, and a bonus card of Sullinger that will either be added to my Raptors collection, or be sent as an attempt at a TTM auto from Masai Ujiri.

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  1. I can't believe I've never seen that Paul Coffey card before. Love it!