Friday 18 November 2016

Fall Expo Post #8 - And now, to wrap up the 2/14 Acquisitions

Time to wrap up the hockey acquisitions for my favourite binder, with still one baseball card to show off with a later post.
With his play-at-the-plate photos in both Topps flagship and Stadium Club, I thought that Derek Norris would easily take the title of the best photo from the past 365 days when I do my 2/14/17 post. Now, with this Winter Classic entry photo, complete with a beautiful view of an alternate jersey and pads, I'm not so certain.
How did I not already have this card, out of 1991 Ultimate Original Six, in my collection? I'm always surprised to come across cards from that era that I don't have, and that Ultimate actually had a decent set from their short existence, with the other being Ultimate Draft.
O-Pee-Chee base is always welcome, especially when one features a third jersey. That's my 146th Gaborik card.
Here's some more Gaborik, with an insert and a celebratory base card. And there's another one with the team logo in the background. The entire subset used a green background, so while it gains something here, it really seems off when used for the Bruins' Andrew Raycroft.
And this will end with some Sens content. It is always nice to know that if the card is a dupe for my 2/14 binder, it will find a home elsewhere.
And I'll still call this an Ottawa Senators card, despite the fact it is of their minor league affiliate. While Matt did get autos and relics in several sets after his one game with Ottawa early last season, this is my only hit of his in my collection.

And there you have it.

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