Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bills! Bills! Bills! (and some baseball)

As the Bills continue their trek to a magnificant 0-4 September, I'm going to highlight some Bills that showed up recently in a return envelope from Night Owl Cards. I just sent him a starter kit for a birthday collection, and might see myself hunting for Duncan Keith and Claude Lemieux at the Expo.
To start, here's my favourite photo in the group. It might be from the junk wax era, but that's a beautiful shot of a snow-covered field at Rich Stadium.
One of the best things about the junk wax era was the large sets meant that players in positions that would rarely get cards nowadays, such as the special teams players.
Or Offensive Linemen.
The big winner in terms of volume was Darryl Talley. Even though none of these are of his Spiderman look, he's still fun to add cards of to the binder.
Runner-up was Cornelius Bennett with these 2.

This Jim Kelly was a dupe in my 2/14 collection, but not my Bills collection. Overlap can be a good thing.
Action Packed! This is back to back posts featuring cards with an element of depth to their design.

And to end the trade post, here's the baseball portion. Small, but I love that Bunt insert of Noah.

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