Saturday, 17 September 2016

Better Set Building Through Blasters - Part 2

Since yesterday's promised tomorrow is now today, the other 6 packs in the blaster.

Pack 6:
There's my second red press proof of the break. A pretty blah pack to start the second post of this blaster, but at least the Antonio Gates has a nice photo to make it the most interesting card.

Pack 7:
Another bland pack, but most of these cards were needs for the set. Most interesting card here is probably Kelvin, solely because they had to go into the archives a year back to find a photo for a player that missed all of 2015.

Pack 8:
At least they found another picture of Malcolm Butler for 2016, since his SB interception showed up in base card releases from both companies last year. I don't think I would have opted for a photo where Rivers appears to be a second away from being sacked/stripped of the ball.

Pack 9:
My only insert in this group of packs is Marisa Miller. Looking at the subset, I've actually heard of 5 of the 7 people on the checklist. For someone as pop-culturally clueless as me, that's a good average.

Pack 10:
Kicker card! And a Bills card. At least a card of someone who is still on the team.

Pack 11:
Kicker rookie card! That's the type of oddity you like as the last card of the break.

So, with these cards, my total looks like this:

212/300 Veterans/Legends
42/100 SP'd Rookies

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