Sunday, 18 September 2016

Just Two Envelopes

Each containing a card I was hunting for from this past year's hockey releases.
I'd wanted to pick up this card featuring the artery-clogging awesomeness that is poutine, but struck out on my packs and boxes. I'd been waiting for one to pop up somewhere at a reasonable cost with reasonable shipping, and this one finally did.
Poutine gets associated with Ottawa in this as opposed to Montreal, since the latter also got Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches as their food.
2/14 baby Nikolaj Ehlers' autographed cards started out high and pretty much stayed there. I finally stopped waiting for a reasonable price and did what anybody who wanted one for under $10 would do in the situation.

Snipe an ebay auction.

And the hat trick photograph from portfolio is probably the most interesting photo of his to receive the sticker auto treatment, so that's a bonus as is how the blue ink pops on the B&W photo.


  1. Had poutine at AT&T a few years ago. It was okay... but I'd rather just stick to nachos. Don't worry... I was definitely in the minority. SF Giants fans love their poutine!