Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Not A 2*3 Package - Part 1 of 2

Back to the mailbag for Part 1 of a package that showed up from Jeff @ 2*3 Heroes. This will be the variety post, as a variety of PCs will be hit with the cards in this post.
First up, my Mets collection. I'd been waiting for this card for a bit, ever since being able to hunt down a Patrick Kane autograph at the Expo. It might have come sooner, but Canada Post was being questionable, and I put a moratorium on mailings. That said, this one was worth the wait. Who can't love an on-card autograph of a guy on the same team he cheered for growing up?
How did I not already have that Wright/Strawberry card? That said, my favourite here is the Gallery card, since that also hits my love for drawn cards.
As we move into the hockey, here's two new cards for my 2/14 collection. The Hejduk is another one I was certain I had, but my zistle list told me otherwise. Marian Gaborik is lurking in the upper right corner of this card. Considering I have football team leader cards where 1/4 of the card is dedicated to a 2/14 baby, why shouldn't this qualify?
Just one card, but still welcome in my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. Even though this technically wouldn't be an alumni card.
Staying with the Rangers, this time the New York version, here's a /100 gold parallel from 13-14 Rookie Anthology, a set I've busted a lot of, but it really does pack a punch for the value.
More mask cards. The Miller, complete with all the classic Canucks colours, might be my favourite card from last season. But Portfolio really did have a lot of strong contenders for that. Still, the simple paint job works perfectly on the mask to go with the uniform, and you do have to check the card twice to make sure it isn't a Kirk McLean.
Here's a bunch of Sens cards, all new to my collection.
And a parallel and a hit. The Sens picked up 4 jersey cards among the checklist in this set, and now I'm only an Erik Karlsson away from completing that.

And there's part of the envelope. The majority of it in terms of volume was for my pre-2005 masks binder photo, and I'll hit the highlights from that in my next recap post.