Monday, 12 September 2016

One For Me! One for Thee!

Something different this time as I go through my latest spoils from the local card show. This time, I'm showing off a card I picked up for myself from the bins/binders, followed by one on its way at some point in the future to another blogger.

For Me:
This was the only football card I grabbed for me, picking a nice blue swatch of a Hall of Famer.

For Thee (Cards on Cards):
Not a Hall of Fame relic, but a relic of an Oregon alum. Looks like it could be a Gridiron Kings, but it is a Topps Fire.

For Me:
You know I like slightly off-beat relics, so despite not being a Hornets collector, a Badgers alum collector, or a collector of guys named Kaminsky, I couldn't pass on a cheap Santa hat relic.

For Thee (2 * 3 Heroes)
The Santa hat was a sorta manufactured hit, so that segues nice into this manufactured Stanley Cup ring from this year's Black Diamond release. It might not be a marquee player, but it is still a nice way to celebrate the victory.

For Me:
On the surface, you'd think this Jacob Trouba was bound for Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Alas, I like anything that allows me to flashback to 1993 Leaf too much to part with this one.

For Thee (Too Many Manninghams):
But I hope this Matt Hunwick auto (complete with fading Sharpie) makes up for that.

For Me:
The obligatory 2/14 card.

For Thee (Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum):
A slightly odd card, with the swatch of Lightning prospect Slater Koekkoek coming from an All-Star/Showcase game.

For Me:
Social Signatures might be the most 2010-ish hit out there. As a bonus, the twitter handle printed on the actual card doesn't match the one written. Ottern9ne is the correct one.

For Thee (Shoebox Legends):
My usual process when I see a Whalers hit is to just grab it, and then immediately hit zistle to see if it is a need, or if I merely just picked up a new card to send to my COMC account. Fortunately, this will be on its way to Shane whenever I send my next mailing out.

And there you have it.


  1. Whoa!!! That Francis is fantastic! Guess I need to put together another package for you!

  2. Cool, thanks for the Hunwick!

  3. Thanks dude. I've been looking for one of those cards for any player. Now let's hope the package with your name that is sitting in my mailbox as I type, waiting for the postal worker to go by, isn't eaten by Canada Post.