Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Getting Down With O-Pee-Chee + One Last Hobby Pack of '16 Donruss Football

While I'm going to wait to see if there's a retail option before deciding whether to go for this as opposed to the non-YG'd Upper Deck flagship, I still have to sample a couple packs.

Pack 1:
Typical OPC base. The photo is clear, but is still your typical OPC skating shot. The retros give a bit of 1971 hockey or 1972 baseball mix, which is fine. The All-Star cards just add a little to the border, without taking much off the photo.
If you've seen one recent OPC pack, you've seen 'em all.

Pack 2:
If that's the design for the retro marquee rookies, I guess I'd better be ready for some very red cards. The past years have seen a great departure for the marquee portion of the set. Not so much this year.

When I was at the LCS getting these, there was one pack of 2016 Donruss football left. Since I'm going to go retail the rest of the way home with the set build,

Of the base cards, I knocked 2 cards off the wantlist.

As for the rest?
A /75 parallel of a HOFer is a pretty nice pull.
But this is even nicer.

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