Thursday, 8 September 2016

2016 Donruss Football Box Break - Packs 19 through 24

And the first(?) of my Donruss hobby boxes draws to a close.
Pack 19: Delvin Breaux is a CFL alumni, so I figured I'd show off his card here. Also, this card is his cardboard debut. The Harrison 'Inducted' was a dupe from my random pack purchases, my second of the box, but two non-dupe inserts offset that.
Pack 20: I'm not sure if the Emmett Smith card is supposed to look like there's steam rising off his head, or if it is just an effect of the design. It is still cool either way. Steve Grogan is one of those players that always sets my juvenile name radar off.
Pack 21: I really like the Dickerson legends card, since you can see the old dirt infield from the stadium in Anaheim. Suitable for the Rams return to LA as well. And Ickey Woods lands a base card as well! Awesome! And not too bad in terms of rookie content as well, landing one of the top names in that portion of the set (probably the best in the break) and an Elite Series!
Also, there's the relic hit! It might be hard to tell, but the Ingram swatch does have a gold tinge to it. I wonder what I could get if I could trade it to Ditka.
Pack 22: I love the concentration on the Hopkins photo as he brings in the touchdown. Just perfect timing on the shot. Here's another pack with 3 inserts, including my third Bo Jackson pull in the box.
Pack 23: More numbered cards as this break winds down with a Stat Line parallel /242 and a Dominator /999. Tyler Eifert wins the photo war in this pack but overall I still have to give it to Hopkins.
Pack 24: All good boxes must come to an end, and this one ends with yet another Elite /999 card, this time an obnoxiously loud Paxton Lynch. ASJ probably has the smallest font on the front of a card in this set. So, there is that.
Including the handful of random packs I picked up, I have 183/300 standard base cards, and 28/100 of the somewhat SPd rookies. And they look really nice in my collation box with the team-coloured borders.

And there you have it.

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