Saturday, 10 September 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 36.1 - Ready for kick-off

Sure, there's already been a game played, but NFL season really doesn't start for me until the first Bills game as they start their way to their 16th straight season without the playoffs. This time, I'm reaching into the archives, and one of those repacks from Target I still had sitting around from before their closure a year and a half ago. (I think I still have 7 to go!) This is one of those 75 card football hanger repacks with just a random assortment of cards split over two windows. One half today - the other tomorrow.
2008 Topps Factory Set All-Star Inserts - LaDainian Tomlinson - One of the reasons I opted for this one is so I could find out which set this visible card came from. Getting the card # and a trip to COMC answered this question.
2012 Leaf Draft Blue - TY Hilton
2012 Leaf Draft Gold - TY Hilton - I guess they really wanted to make sure I got some TY HIlton from this.
2012 Leaf Draft Gold - Dre Kirkpatrick
2003 Ultra - Joey Harrington - My first entry in the really cool photograph category.
2003 Topps - Aaron Brooks - A nice throwback to mid 80s card design.
2008 Upper Deck Green Bay Gamers - Matt Flynn - These repacks at the time had at least one of those. I got a Donald Driver in a previous repack, and still have one in a second 75 card repack sitting in my "to-be-posted" pile.
1994 Upper Deck - Sam Adams - Not a bad rookie to find.
1990 Fleer - Joe Nash
1992 Bowman - Deron Cherry
1994 Finest - George Teague - Even a base card from a mid-range set is always welcome in these.
1990 Stars & Stripes - Dalton Hilliard
1991 Pro Set - Anthony Muñoz - HOFer. Plus a chance to show off my top-notch ASCII code skills. (Alt 0241)
2006 Fleer - Reuben Droughns - Since I'm keeping the Harrington on the strength of the photo, this one gets set aside for a Ducks alum collector.
1992 Bowman - Danny Copeland
2008 Absolute - Derek Anderson - The man who went 2-17 for 23 yards and an interception, with a 2.3 QB rating. And still beat the Bills.
1991 Pro Set - Myron Guyton
2009 Rookies & Stars - Cadillac Williams - Cadillac!
2013 Bowman - AJ Green
2005 Topps - LJ Smith
2012 Prestige - Michael Egnew - When Egnew didn't make the team, he really became the bane of group breakers, since he showed up in seemingly every product.
2006 Prestige - Wali Lundy - Imagine my disappointment when I looked closer and realized his names wasn't Wall Lundy. Stupid font choice.
2005 Topps - Willis McGahee - Bills content!
2009 Bowman - Everette Brown
2006 Prestige - Skyler Green
1998 Collector's Edge Supreme Season Review Gold Ingot - Elvis Grbac - It wouldn't be 90s content without something odd showing up.
2011 Topps - Brandon Lloyd
2011 Topps - Brian Dawkins - Back to back great Broncos photos.
2011 Topps - Jason Babin
2011 Topps - Cardinals Team Card
2011 Topps - Tim Hightower
2011 Score - Tyler Sash
2007 Topps - Selvin Young
2008 Score - Brian Brohm
2011 Topps - Allen Bailey
2009 UD Rookie Premiere - Beanie Wells - Beanie!
2011 Topps - Jimmy Graham - And the last visible card.

Some interesting photos. Some oddball cards. A fun start for a 5 dollar price tag. And more to come!


  1. These repacks are always fun. I always get the baseball ones but might have to get a football one at some point.

  2. "It wouldn't be 90s content without something odd showing up."

    It that a reference to the card or the player on said card (Elvis Grbac).