Thursday 25 February 2016

Nothing Arbitrary about the Super Traders package

A Super Traders package showed up yesterday at Chez Buckstorecards yesterday, and it has me looking for Twins to send in return. I've got a couple, but I'll try to find a few more before I return fire.
My favourite portion of this was a Mets team set. I couldn't originally place this set, but I was able to trace them as being a 2004 New York Post set. They look really nice on the same 9 pocket page. But were the 2004 Mets so bad that Jason Phillips and Karim Garcia managed to make the set?

Mets content from 2016's flagship that was retail only was also in there. I didn't land this in my blaster, so this is pretty welcome.
Sure, this is a nice full-bleed Bobby Bonilla card from the Best Seat in the House subset, but the real highlight is the Rafael Belliard faceplant.
More even vintage!
And a third vintage card! I guess this is what I'll try and hunt down for the return package. Likely with no luck at Canadian card shows.
And to wrap this up, a random appearance of one of two people worthy of the BRUUUUUUCE! chant.


  1. Those 2004 Mets might not have been very good, but they sure did help to break this Cubs fan's heart. Of course, the '04 Cubs weren't very likable anyway, even if they didn't blow their WC lead at the hand of the Mets.

  2. Holy cow...that 2004 Post set. Super!!