Wednesday 3 February 2016

Non-Series 1 Pack busting

No S1 at the local Wally World yet, and I haven't had a chance to drop by the LCS yet, so I guess I can post the results of a couple of Panini packs grabbed at the LCS.
First up, Elite Extra Edition. Prospects ahoy!
No autograph, but a nice looking die-cut in this one. The New York in question on Desmond Lindsay is the Mets, so I can add that to the Mets binder. And Robles is a pretty good looking prospect for Washington, so this wasn't bad for a hitless pack at all.
The other pack saw me fishing for an auto as well.
And I landed one! As a bonus, it is one of the numbered versions, and it is on-card! Not the best looking auto, but the initials portion looks nice. And in terms of guys named Mike Davis, it is a big improvement from the Mike Davis that debuted in 2014.

And there you go. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the LCS on the weekend and get some S1. And Saturday is National Hockey Card Day. Which will make it worth the wait!


  1. Really like that jersey Desmond Lindsay is wearing, very Steelers 3rd jersey esque

  2. Sweet! You willing to trade for those ASU cards?