Monday 1 February 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4 - Commence Flea Market Repacks 2016!

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4 - And The Rest!

Not counting the Target repacks I have placed away for when the urge hits, I'm planning to post my Adventures in Repacks repack recaps in the order in which I acquire said repacks. So, that means this flea market repack from about 10 days ago precedes the repacks acquired at the show yesterday.

To recap what these are: $5 lands me a brick of cards, usually base cards from recent low to mid range base sets, with a hit in the middle.

And we're off!
Firstly, the obvious reason I opted for this repack was on the front with the Turris out of last year's OPC Platinum. That was the only Sens card in the repack. The Brandon Sutter is a dupe for my 2/14 collection, unfortunately. But I did need that Pavelec for my masks binder. The Clarke from 04-05 UD Legends was the oldest card in the repack, and one of my favourites within.
I really lilke the design and texture of the 2008-09 Ice cards, even if the photos are pretty bland. I do like the fact that a card of the PIM leader like Daniel Carcillo make the set. There were a couple more PC hits in this with the masked Ellis and Kitchener Rangers alum Roy.
Very Artifact-y. The bottom cards are from 15-16 Full Force, which is basically this year's version of Ultra in that it is a set based around inserts that aren't necessarily hits. I prefer this colourful release over the bland Ultra base from last year which didn't even have photography to save it.
And there's the hit! A nice patriotic addition to my mask binder, and I really like getting hits of the ladies for the obscurity factor.
Outside of the hits, these two past groupings were pretty dull, but about half of these will find themselves in future envelopes, so these are still nice acquisitions.
And the last batch of cards. I'm a sucker for third/throwback jerseys, so I like the post-career photo choice for Sundin. I can't hate any of the Parkhurst cards, especially ones with a Bruin on it and a Nordiques jersey lurking in the background. And it wraps up with my 3rd Bergeron of the pack, not a bad way to end things!


  1. Awesome hit and I love the Staal and Cam Ward Artifacts.

  2. Every time you post one of these $5 bricks I can't get over the amount of great, new cardboard you get out of it. Awesome stuff once again.