Tuesday 16 February 2016

Great Moments in Obliviousness

I picked up this card from COMC for no other reason than I wanted to have him for my "Every Senator Ever" collection:
Nice. And not that costly, since any Young Gun card not attached to someone outside of the hyped names is really cheap.

I cared more about the Sens aspect than anything else. Meaning I missed something.
And it has nothing to do with any sort of Boston University collection.
Too late to shoehorn him into my Top 10 2/14 cards from past year releases from this past weekend (where he'd certainly be one of the top 2 cards), but at least I can now put any future Matt O'Connor releases away for my 2017 post. He's the third Ottawa Senator to make the binder, along with Sean Hill and Ilya Zubov.

And this is not the first time I've missed the obvious.

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