Saturday 13 February 2016

And The Newest 2/14 face is...

Alexandra Mueller! This is my second tennis card in the binder, and my first autographed tennis card. She's currently ranked 602nd in the world, but I'm certain she could run me all over the court into a heart attack, and leave me unable to even get a measly 15 on the scoreboard at any point.

She is my 3rd autograph in the miscellaneous portion of my collection (Anton Lesser, Ayoka Hamada) and my 3rd autograph from a female member of the collection (Hamada, Candice Wiggins). Overall, she is my 175th different subject in the binder.

With 2/14 tomorrow, expect even more content from that binder over the long weekend.


  1. Nice looking card. I wish Ace didn't always use stickers. Having played a little tennis I do appreciate what the players do. Echoing what you said, even in my younger days, the balls would be past me before I could take a step. Their anticipation, footwork and speed are pretty amazing. It looks a lot easier on TV than it does when you step on the court.

  2. She looks good. I've actually been picking up a few tennis memorabilia cards lately, because they're so cheap... but not ready to commit to a tennis pc.

  3. That's funny, she and I follow each other on Instagram and I didn't even know she had cards (I admit I don't know much about tennis)!