Thursday 4 February 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 5 - Back to the Dollarama

Let's stay true to the name of this blog with a hanger repack and a surprise bag from the Dollarama.

Starting with the 15 card hanger:

2014 MVP - Dennis Wideman - It wasn't this one that made me opt for this repack, but it is of someone who has been in the news lately.
1989 OPC - Allan Bester
1995 Upper Deck - Pavel Bure - 5th Anniversary - This one threw me at first, since the font seemed off at the top of the card for UD's first hockey release. I turned it over and was reminded about this subset.
1991 Parkhurst - Evgeny Davydov
1990 Score - Tommy Albelin
1991 Parkhurst - Rick Wamsley - A great photo from the junk wax era.
2008 UD - Petr Sykora
1991 Score - Jaromir Jagr
2014 OPC - Drew Doughty
1990 Score - Vincent Damphousse
1991 UD - Jason Cirone
1989 OPC - Brian Mullen - It is pretty rare to get more than 1 card from the same set in these. This repack had that happen 3 times.
1993 Parkhurst Emerald - Mike Rathje - The one per repack emerald parallel I've been seeing lately.
1996 UD - Wayne Primeau - Why does it look like he's wearing an airbrushed Oilers jersey?
2005 MVP - Martin Biron - And here's the reason I got this repack, a new mask binder card.

A few keeper cards in here, but that's below average for me in one of these.

Let's see what the surprise bag brought forth.
Up first was a 2008-09 Collector's Choice pack. Very Carolina and Detroit in this one, but some good stuff in this pack. I've heard of Boychuk, and he's still active on this side of the Atlantic. So that is always a plus with the rookie card.
90s means junk wax in this universe, and it was for the most part. But I did land a Senators card, and a parallel rookie card of a decent player. And there were a couple of mid 90s cards. And the look with the white on the border on the Arnott makes me think of the white portion on some of the corners in the new flagship release.

Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams would be happy to know that the repack makers now consider Max Pacioretty is now considered a Superstar.
And the goalie pack saves it for me. 4 for 4 in mask binder cards. I like that average!

Maybe I'll finally bust and show off some 2016 Topps by the weekend.


  1. Not bad, wish they had hockey cards at the dollar store here. Just useless (to me) basketball cards