Saturday 25 May 2019

PWE Chronicles - Cards on Cards

Another day, another mailbag. This time, a pair of PWEs from Cards on Cards. I've had PWEs show up in staggered groups of 3 before, so I feel confident that there were only 2 envelopes sent. 2 wonderful envelopes, but just 2.
Might as well strike while the iron is hot and lead with some Kawhi Leonard. I haven't picked up the Raptors spot in as many of the group breaks as I'd liked this year, as they've lacked a rookie in any releases (aside from the brief period of Deng Adel was in the system) this season. So, I really kinda welcome any base cards from sets other than Hoops, Donruss, Prizm or Select.
It doesn't scan well, but this one is a green foil parallel. As best my time spent watching a couple breaks on youtube showed me, these were hanger pack exclusives.
A Lego card? Hell yeah! 
Here's the wrap-up of the Raps portion of the envelopes. 
The baseball portion leads with a Sky Blue parallel for the Jays, their only representation in the mailer.
Parallel Jays cards deserves some parallel Mets cards, and these were them. The Rosario doesn't show up as well in the scan, but this one is the chrome variation. I'm glad that they maintained the stripes on Diamond Kings, since it makes a better look for the Independence Day parallels.

There you have it! 

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  1. I think those Lego cards originally came with Lego figures that looked like the players