Wednesday 15 May 2019

Expo Recap: Post 10 - Nothing 'bout the Hockey Hits

Time to wind down the Expo recap with 3 straight hockey posts. Today, you get the cards that weren't enough for a single post. This also wraps up my cards from the 5 for $1 bin, but some others will show up in other blogger's posts.
Let's start with some vintage. We're back to 1973 with this one, and a card from the sad, insane and tragic career of Brian 'Spinner' Spencer. There's several documentaries/podcasts out there that document his life better than I ever could.
Another vintage card, this time from 1971 and a very memorable design featuring a Hall of Famer. This design made a re-appearance in 2014 Topps Archives in an insert set.
Doesn't Lynn Powis look happy to be a member of the Scouts?
Ron Duguay on the worst design ever - the scratch off pucks.
Here's a nice look at the classic Colorado Rockies uniforms, and one of the few post-career cards of Quenneville.
Best St. Louis Blues uniforms in team history!
I probably should have posted this along with the Senators stuff a couple days back, since Beveridge's card lists him as with the original Ottawa Senators.
Food issue greatness! Turk Broda alongside Bill Durnan.
And another one, from the short-lived Kraft Sports division.
Some cards from Panini's 2013 Boxing Day issue.
Here's a trio of random mask binder additions.
And finally, a perfect 9 of Kitchener Rangers alum.

The hits show up tomorrow.

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