Saturday 1 February 2014

Trade w/ Fuji #2

After the not-quite-monthly local card show, I sent a small package of goodies from there off to Fuji. The return package showed up early this past week, so let's check things out.

Let's start off with a nice relic of Al MacInnis. It's definitely an odd colour for a Blues hit, but it will still make another great addition to my collection of Kitchener Rangers alum. Have I mentioned I was there when he popped 5 goals in a single game, still a record for CHL defensemen? I have? Never mind then...
Staying with hockey, here's a nice hit for my Senators collection. One of the more risque sounding names in NHL history - Ron Tugnutt. He he. Tugnutt. Tugnutt. Settle down Beavis!
The look on his face screams "OK. Don't sign it Roberto Hernandez. Don't sign it Roberto Hernandez."
And to wrap things up, a nice auto for my slowly developing Expo collection. Brad Fullmer sure wasn't afraid to use a whole bunch of the allotted space for his signature. The good thing is that it does make for a rather legible autograph, working perfectly with the design.

Then again, you have cards like this where the palette is huge, but someone would rather conserve space and ink. I like to think that's why I've heard of Brad Fullmer, but not of this guy.

Thanks for the goodies! I'll have to bring your Enforcers wantlist with me to the Expo in May.

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  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. I didn't realize how nice Fullmer's signature is until this post. That guy knows how to sign. Thanks again for the trade.