Sunday 16 February 2014

Part 2 of a Trade w/ The Raz Card Blog

I started this off yesterday, by showing off a pile of cards on their way into my 2/14 binder. Today, the best of the rest.
This auto was the card that set the trade in motion. It's a nice auto for the binder of someone who has very few certified autos on the market. There's this one, and something in 2010 Historic Autographs (as per zistle), and very little else.
My Top 10 most-wanted list took a beating in this trade. This one featuring a St. Patty's Day cap disappeared off my list.
As did a bunch of Raptors I needed for my all-time Raptors set. As best I can tell, these might be the only cards (along with parallels) where these folks are both listed with the Raptors, and in a Raptors uniform. That knocks the needs down to three, all of which are now in my top 10. Since my Frankenset needs can be combined into my top 10 list, I can drop my Frankenset needs completely off the sidebar.

The rest of the trade were a pile of Raptors cards.

Ranging from a mini:
Too a much larger mini-poster:
Thanks for all the goodies, Chris! They've all moved into a great home.

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