Monday 10 February 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 1

Let's see, I attend a show on January 12th. And it takes me almost a month to start digging into the goodies from the show. For me, that sounds about right in terms of urgency.

Anyhow, this wasn't quite a dime box. It was a 12 for $1.00, which, given the math and the rounding turns out to be something close to 8.4 cents a card.

Most of what I picked up was either baseball or hockey. But, there were a grand total of 4 football cards, and a whopping 1 single basketball card.

And this is that whopping 1 single basketball card. It's definitely an oddball card, coming from a 1992 Comic Images set saluting the Harlem Globetrotters. I'm guess anything remotely related to sports back in the early 90s could get featured on a card. Not that I'll be complaining when I add this nifty card to my misc. basketball binder.

And all 4 football came from the exact same set - 2012 Panini Gridiron. A pair of interesting photographs in the top row, and a couple of contenders if I ever start a "trouble with the law" mini-collection.

Hey! I'm finally starting to work my way through the 200-count box. Although I won't be posting all of the set builders I picked up, it is finally nice to get on the organized path.


  1. That Globetrotters card is fantastic.

  2. Seeing that ABC logo reminds me of all the times the Globetrotters showed up on Wide World of Sports. Looked forward to the show they appeared on every year.