Wednesday 5 February 2014

Custom Coolness (aka Trade Stack claim from Nachos Grande)

I recently claimed a small trade stack from Nachos Grande. I really wanted a neat looking gold parallel of Jays CF alum Devon White. However, a custom card turned out to be the highlight of the package.
Since I saw the front first, my first reaction was "How did I not know about this awesome card?" Then I flipped it over:
"That doesn't look like a legit Ginter back. Whew. It's not a legit card" I cared about the lack of legitimacy of the card for appoximately not one second. It's a great addition to my collection, although I'm not sure if I should put it with my Blue Jays cards or my hockey cards. Or just slap it in a top loader with my generic box of awesome cards.
Here's the Devon White card in question. I'd completely lapsed on his time with the Diamondbacks. Even with the gold background via the parallel, this would still qualify as a Tatooine card (tm: GCRL).
As would this. Despite my love of White from his time with the Jays, this one is an easy winner of the photo wars.

Thanks for the goodies, and especially the custom Gretzky!

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