Tuesday 11 February 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 2

After just 5 cards yesterday, let's up the volume today and look at a small number of guys I found in (relative) bulk for my various PCs.

Let's start with a fearsome foursome for my Alfredsson binder. Considering my preferences, I'm surprised that all 4 of them have the photo backgrounds partially or entirely removed. I'm still looking for my first Red Wings card of Alfie, Though. I'm still comfortable knowing that any swatches from the rest of his career will likely still be Ottawa swatches.
It's 2.14 this week, so I'll probably be highlighting the 2/14 binder cards as the week wraps up. I don't think any of these will be candidates for my favourite Gaborik card, but it is still nice to have my second player totalling 50 cards in the binder.
But when it comes to bulk cards in the binder, the recently-retired Milan Hejduk is still king of the 2/14 binder, with 58 cards. The silver signature card is a Hejduk rookie. It's nice to add one of those for less than a dime, and it is my 2nd 1998 card of his. And, as can be expected the Pacific card is more garish in person. Also, numbered to 480? Did Pacific use the 2000 equivalent of random.org to set card numbering?

There's a pair of healthy additions to a pair of binders!

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