Monday 24 February 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 6 or Masked Mondays Week 27

My one goal in life is to finish with this box before the Expo. That's in May. At this pace, I would offer 50/50 odds.

I often look for random cards of Marty when hunting through dime bins to send off to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. I might as well keep one for myself. Calder is quite reserved for an entry from Pacific. Battleship gray? Never wear battleship gray, or use it in your design. At least apply some of Little Richard Simmons' advice to your design. As for the mask, it's the Turco standard with the horrible beast and a brick wall.
Now this dust and fingerprint magnet is more what to expect from Pacific. And Turek's masks do use the old standby of heavy metal album cover-esque stuff, although he takes it too literally by using Eddie the Head in his designs.
I picked this one up simply because I didn't have any Isles-era Luongo cards. He's still wearing his QMJHL mask at this point.
Nothing too spectacular to wrap things up. Just a Chrome rookie of Stephen Valiquette. It's your basic beast mask, although he did opt for a really great Spiderman look as his career wound down.

4 more binder cards. A good Monday post.

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  1. That's a nice Turco, and thanks for the one you DID send to me this time!