Thursday 27 February 2014

Repack at Tiffany's

Like I can resist the siren's song of the card aisle at Target. This time, I picked up my usual. A 100 card plastic hanger repack.

I'll get into the full contents tomorrow. But two of the cards surprised me.

At first, this one wasn't a surprise. There were a starting 9 worth of 1986 Topps Traded cards in there, and that wasn't even the most prevalent year/set of cardboard in there. But as I continued on, I paused. This one is pretty shiny. Glossy even.

I turned it over.
That's not your typical 80's Topps back. That's one of those /5000 Tiffany cards! Neat! They aren't super rare, but they're still not what you'd expect to find in a repack. 80's Shiny cards! Welcome to the binders, Ray!
And one good Shiny deserves another.
With a beautifully clear back.

As far as zistle tells me, these are my first Tiffany cards. Repack surprises always rule!


  1. Very cool! I've never been fortunate enough to land a Tiffany card in a repack, come to think of it I don't believe I own a single Topps Tiffany card at all...

    1. Same here! Though, I think I might have one stray Tiffany card hiding somewhere. Never seen 'em in repacks before, that'ts for certain.

  2. I'll be honest - I can never tell the difference if I get a Tiffany card in a repack. I may have, but the heck if I know. I guess I should research anything I pull that is super glossy from that era.

  3. I wouldn't know if I've gotten one either.
    Oh who am I kidding, I've never gotten one.