Saturday, 8 February 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 8

Although the Dollarama I was at didn't have any pages, they still had cards, and I couldn't resist grabbing one to go along with my greeting cards, chocolate bars, and DVD cases.

2013 Upper Deck Ryan Smyth - That's a pretty quick turnaround from release to repack appearance. It's a nice looking card, though, and there are a couple of autograph signing cards in this set. Mikko Koivu's is another, and I think it is the better of these two.
1993 Score Canadian Paul Cavallini
1993 Leaf Gino Odjick - Pull a 1993 Leaf and don't highlight their backs? Surely you jest.
2007 Heroes & Prospects Joe Sakic/Kyle Moir - I've got another (half) Sakic to send off to $30AWH when I get around to another PWE.
1992 Upper Deck Trent Klatt - I'm not sure why, but Klatt is/was one of my favourite last names in hockey.
1990 Pro Set Stan Smyl
1994 Upper Deck Bryan Smolinski
1990 Upper Deck Randy Velischek - You can take one look and realize that this was the Met Center. If you can ignore a rather creepy looking player in the foreground.
1996 Leaf Theo Fleury
1993 Score Canadian Vladimir Vujtek
2009 UD Victory Mikko Koivu
1992 Ultra John Tucker - Another Tucker card for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection.
1998 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Pavel Bure - Probably the best pull of the pack, easily. A nice gold parallel of a Hall of Famer.
1990 Bowman Esa Tikkanen
2011 Upper Deck Ed Jovanoski

A great photo on the Smyth, a trade card, a Rangers alum, the Vancouver skyline and a gold parallel. That's pretty darn good for $1.

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