Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Time to Splurge: Just 1 Pack - Of 13-14 Totally Certified Hockey

Sometimes, you buy the higher end scratch off tickets. This was one of those times.

Did I get my money back in terms of the guaranteed hit? Of course not.

But I still think I beat the odds in getting something nice for myself.

As in the one hit I pulled was for my favourite team! You might remember Eric Gryba as the guy that leveled Lars Eller in last year's playoffs. Looking at the checklist, the Senators might be the least represented team in terms of hits in the set. So, if I look at it through that perspective, I beat the odds. If you weren't a Sens fan, though, you'd probably have hated this pack.

Despite the fact I probably could have got this card for less than $5.00 on ebay.

And here's the base. Trust me that they're not as hard to read the name in person as opposed to in the scan. You just need the right angle.

So, this lotto ticket really didn't pay off. But a hit for my Senators collection is far better to have as opposed to merely a piece of paper and some foil shavings.


  1. I picked up on pack of this - I was completely unimpressed with the product.

  2. I've watched a few box breaks of this stuff, and there's usually one really good hit in a box. It's a good box-busting product, but there's also a loy of lackluster hits that make single-pack purchases pretty risky.